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Blue Water



"Even during the first voice coaching session, I was able to open myself up as I did not realize how closed off or ashamed/afraid I was of my own voice, and the sounds that I made.

It really freed me up. I now hum and sing openly or make sounds,  and express myself freely and joyfully. A life changer!!!

Thank you Muriel!"


"Muriel is a fantastic teacher. I spent a full year learning how to play the frame drum with her. I always admired  how extremely patient she is. She pays attention to detail and gently points out how you can be better and where you can succeed. You can learn a lot from her because she is a very talented musician and artist. Also, her voice is Angelic!"


" I can't say enough about Muriel. She is someone that not only taught me voice, but taught me about life. She holds her essence with such unconditional love, beauty and ease, I want to be in her presence. She is also very funny which helps when we are feeling vulnerable and insecure about singing. She made me want to sing, to open and to shine."


"Voice coaching sessions are very expansive, as it has broadened up my ability to use my voice in not just my own music but everyday life. I always had trouble fully expressing my body and voice, but Muriel's ways and guidance really pushed me to higher heights better than any other coach I 've worked with. I am forever grateful to have acquired the experience here that will echo throughout the rest of my life."


"Muriel is a gifted singer, musician and artist.  Her concerts, sound baths and paintings are all deeply moving and healing.  They stir your soul and invite you to connect with deeper places within yourself.   In her workshops she guides you with unconditional grace, patience and love and creates a safe, playful environment to connect and explore your voice."


"I had the pleasure to work with and learn from Muriel. Not only she is a phenomenal musician and singer, but also very talented artist. Her art inspires, awakens the senses and sharpens insights, teaching us to think in symbols, metaphors and to de-code complexity, so we can perceive the world in new ways."


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