Frame drum lessons

Frame drum is a percussion instrument that has been played since ancient times.

Four years ago, I decided to learn the frame drum to be able to accompany myself while singing. I also read books about it, especially When  the drummers were women by Layne Redmond. I discovered her research about this instrument, that was quite fascinating.

I practiced basics rhythms, and  new songs started to birth. This year, I took Marla Leigh Goldstein's Frame drum academy online, to enhance my skills.

The practice of this instrument, not only helps me create new songs, but it helps me to stay aligned, focused, relaxed. Rhythms have their own medicine, they resonate within our body, permeating at a cellular level. It is a wonderful way to release, to ground, to create, to meet our inner rhythm....Because WE ARE RHYTHM! 

So now, I am offering Frame drum lessons for beginners!

If you feel called to drum, it is a easy start, and you will be amazed at what you can do very quickly!

It is an hour  one-on-one lesson. We meet via zoom, or skype. If you do not have a frame drum yet, you can use a book, a box, until you purchase one.

Call or text now to book your session: