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Born in France, Muriel was introduced to music at an early age. She was trained as a classical singer, learned how to play violin, viola as well as recorder. Music is for her a language that touches everybody without the need of words: a universal way of connectedness.


Member of a choir, she solos on different occasions as soprano in baroque and classic repertoire. She also becomes a student in medieval music at the IMSL (Institut de Musique sacrée de Lyon). She explores both sacred chant (Gregorian) and secular music of the same period. She becomes a occasional member of Ensemble Xérémia, spreading this music in school or traveling for festivals. She expands her skills with Brigitte Lesne at the Centre de Musique Médiévale de Paris and with Sister Marie Keyrouz, at the Institut International de Chant Sacré. (oriental christian music)


Years later Muriel moves to Japan where she is taught some traditional songs. Part of a Taiko ensemble, she discovers the way of the traditional Japanese drum. Back in France, she is drawn to massage therapy and trains in Ayurvedic abhyanga massage, thai  and prenatal massage. She discovers the Massage In Schools programme dedicated to teaching nurturing touch to children and becomes an Authorized instructor. Later, she joins the Soul Voice ® Practitioners' Certification Program with Soul Voice International. This life-transforming training helps her reconnect with the creativity and spontaneity of the inner child, emotional expression, and authentic communication on one hand, and on the other hand to enter the therapeutic world of sounds and vibrations.

She has been part of the C21 Women's Ensemble (Chicago) for four years, and the Chicago circle singing community (improvisation).  In 2020, she pursued her education in percussion, taking part of the Frame Drum Academy, with Marla Leigh, one of the top percussion performers in the USA today. 

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