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Blue Water
The voice is a mysterious and powerful tool, accessible, vulnerable and "Younique". 
Instrument of communication, expression, co-creation and celebration!
Let's dive together in the world of sound frequencies and reveal your authentic essence.
Two different ways are possible: Voice coaching session or Sound healing session.
With 14 years of experience, Muriel is offering her guidance in uncovering
the hidden gem and self-healing abilities of your voice!

Voice coaching

in-person or online


You wish to:

- learn how to sing,

- improve your speaking in public,

- enhance your skills and repertoire,

- receive support in creating songs,

and more! 

Blending voice anatomy, fun & mindful practices (listening, humming, sounding, singing, body movement...) Muriel can guide you into uncovering the many aspects and benefits of using your voice.


Sound healing session

The voice holds our own universe.

The sounds of our voice help us connect again to our inner child, the playful, spontaneous and free one!

Sounding was our first verbal communication and expression when we were babies. We were immersed in sound and through sound we learned language.

When we sound, with no words, we bypass the mind. We can access cell memory and release tensions, alleviate ailments, express long-stuck emotions...

Sound can be the gateway to inner peace, this deep silence that supports and enfolds everything. A gateway to our essence. 

Let's rev-heal your voice together!

Sound healing can be experienced in various ways, as active or passive recipient. When you come for your session, we assess which kind of session it will be through coaching, to align best with your intention. Afterwards, Muriel can suggest home practices to further integrate what was unveiled.

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