Group Offerings


- Voice Spectrum: a two-hour long journey uncovering the voice in its many aspects and benefits.

- Acrylic pouring painting:  a two-hour experience around the intuitive and flowy way of painting, and its various fun techniques!

Frame drum circles

This two-hour circle explores the ancient percussion, frame drum.

We learn a bit of history, how to play it during the first hour.

The second hour is all about playing rhythms together, as a meditative and playful experience. Space is provided for anyone who wants to take the opportunity to share a song, a rhythm, or storytelling.


Concert means together. During these events, that can be deployed in various ways, we experience connection through music.

French concert: little trip to France with original and famous songs in French. You can sing along! Ideal in intimate cafes, or cozy homes.

Meditative concert: original songs with multi-instruments for a relaxing evening, mixing with collective improvisations.

Frame drum concert: a little voyage around the world playing songs with voice and frame drum.


Example of improvisation in a church