Spontaneous music offerings

Innocence, playfulness, flow, simplicity…spontaneity!

Those words can describe the qualities of being a child. We are all children…even if our bodies do not look like it. Some of us have forgotten the sparkle that is present in a child’s eye, full of wonder, living each moment as new. Some of us have hidden it, buried it deep down to be able to fit in this world.  No matter our story is, beyond lies this natural state.

Though it does not require from us to do anything, because it is just natural, improvising or singing spontaneous songs is also an expression of that state and  what we are.

In this spirit, I offer Spontaneous music events for and with you.

Voices, drums, flute…and silence, are our tools, co-creating sounds, songs, music together!

Mixed with my own songs born of improvisation, I can also offer mini-workshops, concerts or meditative evenings.