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Sound Healing sessions

Sound has been used to heal since ancient times. Sound therapy has been more popular in the recent years as science is able to prove its effects and benefits, like quantum physics or neuroscience.

We all know that sound travels faster in water. As we are mainly made of water, we can easily imagine that our bodies are immersed  in sound frequencies.  As babies, sound was our only communication mean. We imitated, cried,  learned language and all its intricacies : tone, volume, pitch, tongue movement, the intention behind the word.

That is why in the sound healing sessions I offer, the sound of the human voice is mostly used. 

Whether you come for physical, psychological, emotional issues, various techniques help to release ailments, unlock stuck emotions through the body tissues, or even facilitate the opening of your own voice. It is relaxing, rejuvenating, and  yes, healing in this way...

How does a session work ?

When you arrive, we take a moment to breathe so that you can settle down. Connecting with the breath allows us to connect with our whole  state of being in our body.

Two possibilities can unfold depending on the present moment: 

-  you can lie down on the table, and receive intuitive sound frequencies that help you relax, release, or be nourished.

- I can guide you into voicing, or sounding what your body needs to express without words, revealing the universe contained in your whole being: body, mind, spirit.

At the end of the session, if you feel called, you can share your experience. I finally suggest some home practices to further integrate the session.

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